In order to provide a good service and at the same time help conserve resources and encourage good environmental stewardship, we charge students to print on our school network.  The cost is:

  • Black & White printing 10 cents per page
  • Colour printing (available in Library and Art Room) is 25 cents per page

This applies whether you are printing from a school computer or your iPad.  All students are given an initial credit of $5.00 (50 BW pages or 20 colour) after which they will need to buy additional printing credits from the library or school office.


To setup your iPad to print to any school printer you need to follow these steps access to our printing system.
This is a one time setup:
  1. Using Safari on your iPad, go to the website bssprint:9191/ios/install   A window will pop up asking you to install a profile.  Click on Install.
  2. You will be warned that the profile is not signed.  This is a normal warning that this may be a security threat.  Since you know this is a safe install, click Install.  Once the profile is installed, click on Done to close the window.  This will create a new app named Printing on your iPad.
  3. Find the newly created Printing app on your iPad and click on it to run it.  Enter your student number and network password.  If this is a personal iPad click on the Remember me box so keep your self logged in.

To print a document:

  1. When you are in an app, choose to print and then select which printer you want to print to.  At time there is a problem with printing double-sided from the iPad/iPhone so don’t choose this option.
  2. You can check on the progress of your print job or status of your account by accessing the Printing app on your iPad.