“I want to be an adult.” This is what I said when I was a kid.

“I want to be a kid.” This is what I’m saying now.

When I was a kid, I really wanted to grow faster to become an adult, because you can do more things than a kid. Your parents are your model, you want to be like them in the future. You don’t have your own thoughts, what you want is to follow your parents’ shadow; as time goes by, their shadow will leave far away from you. You have your own opening and thoughts.

Right now, I really want to turn back to become a kid again, because you can do more things than an adult. More freedom and no pressure. Dreaming about your parents and your future job, no pain at all. Didn’t have to make things hard for  yourself. Didn’t  have to choose between anything. Didn’t have to cry by yourself at night and wet your pillow. Your have your own freedom and thought.

By Rocky Cheung