Last Dream


A lady in a beautiful white dress with pastel blue high-heels waltzed down the stairs. A man in a dark navy suit held out his hand for the lady, who then elegantly grabbed his hand and tapped the golden tiles with her tall heels. They stared at each other in the eye, only to realize there’s not much time left. They then hurried to the empty but elegantly decorated ballroom. Their dance was butterflies flying, their talk was soft words spoken by God and their kiss was the masterpiece drawn by the best artist of the century. They whispered love and sweetness to each other. They sipped their wine to calm down and walked out on the balcony for the cool air of the night sky. Stars were sewn into the sky, like a fairy tale.

“Did you have fun?” the man asked in hesitation.

“Indeed, I had so much fun thanks to you. You always bring joy to me,” the lady replied with a gentle smile, and then stopped suddenly, not able to finish her words. The man laughed quietly and assured her.

“It’s okay, my lady. Everything will be fine without me, because you are indeed a strong person.” The  man held back tears and depressed look, hiding behind a smile which the lady loved.

“Will you, will you give me a hug? Before saying good bye?” the lady asked and he hugged her tightly. The lady smiled brightly while tear drops were falling down her cheeks to the man’s chest. Farewell, every moment was beautiful with you, the lady whispered to him, finally accepting the reality of having to let him go.


The lady woke up from the sweet nightmare and curled in her blankets on the soft bed. The man is dead, a truth the lady was barely able to accept.


By Annie Cheong