About CatPack

Cat Pack is an innovative, engaging, technology rich and interdisciplinary program that encourages students to develop the skills necessary for success in the 21st century: critical thinking, collaboration, oral and written communication, information analysis and effective use of technology.

In Cat Pack students have the option of enrolling in the English or French Immersion stream where they will work with a team of experienced teachers with specialties in Science, Math, English, French Immersion, and Technology. Students will engage in learning where they will take initiative and responsibility in many aspects of their learning, while reinforcing the essential skills listed above.

Technology will be infused into the program to help bolster these 21st Century Skills and to bring real world experiences into the classroom.  Students enrolled in Cat Pack should expect reduced instruction or learning associated with textbooks, as every student will have an iPad to work with in class and at home. The iPad has been chosen for consistency, for its use as a digital creation tool, for its digital library, for ease of interacting in the classroom and for sharing of information.