April 15th, 2018–News from The Bobcat’s Den

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Halfway through April here at Brookswood, we are ramping up for an exciting and very busy year end.  This week saw our Grade 12s head to the movies to see one of our favourite novels on the silver screen, our student body showed support for the community of Humboldt and our French students participated in the Concours D’art Oratoire (French public speaking).  Our Sustainable Resources students even took some goats for a walk this week…!


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The Grade 12s attended “Indian Horse” this week for an exclusive screening at Colossus in Langley.  Students throughly enjoyed the movie, and gave it two big thumbs up!  An adaptation of Richard Wagamese’s award-winning novel, this moving and important drama sheds light on the dark history of Canada’s Residential Schools and the indomitable spirit of Indigenous people.  Mr. Dennis had his science students explore trends within the periodic table of elements so that they could see hands on why it is organized the way that it is.  Sustainable Resources headed to a farm this week to learn about farm life, and took some adorable goats for a walk!

This past Thursday, April 12th, Brookswood staff and students alike donned their sports jerseys (or green/gold clothing) in support of the Humboldt players and their communities. This photo shows just a portion of the the staff and students who participated.














Concours D’art Oratoire

Congratulations to BSS Core French and French Immersion students for their excellent showing at the district championships of this year’s Concours d’art oratoire (French Public Speaking Competition).

Concours d’art oratoire is a pan-Canadian French public speaking competition — an estimated 85,000 students participate annually across Canada.  

Participants prepare and present a 3-5 minute speech on a subject of their choosing, all in French.  They are then adjudicated by a panel of judges who ask them questions in French.  Judges can be teachers, university professors, journalists, francophone members of the community, etc. who volunteer their time to help promote this event.

Competing against other Langley schools, the following BSS students took first place in their respective categories:

  1. Grade 8 Immersion:  Trey White
  2. Grade 9 Immersion:  Erin Bergeron
  3. Grade 9 Francophone:  Jennifer Schwartz
  4. Grade 11 Immersion: Josh Kim
  5. Grade 12 Immersion:  Hannah Billings
  6. Grade 12 Core French:  Conor Blackaby

These students will now represent Langley School District at the provincial championships in May at the Surrey campus of Simon Fraser University.

First place provincial winners in the grade 12 categories go on to compete at the national finals in Gatineau, Quebec in early June.

We wish all our competing students the best of luck and a great experience!  As well, we commend all BSS students who participated, for their hard work and courage.  Public speaking is classified as North America’s number one fear and that doesn’t include doing it in another language!   🙂


Brookswood has Girls Soccer and Rugby on the go, here are a few highlights from this past week:

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Brookswood has also made a name for itself in the Provincial Basketball community, as we now have 3 students representing Team BC!  Congrats to our athletes!

U17 Female: Jenna Dick
U15 Female: Neha Lali
U15 Male: Evan Kimm

We would also like to congratulation Deena Charles who has just signed a letter of intent to join the University of Toronto’s Water Polo team!  Deena will be starting her Psychology degree at U of T in September 2018!  Way to go Deena!



Important announcement for grade 10s and 11s interested in attending UBC or SFU,   

SFU and UBC have made changes to their admission requirements for 2019 and beyond. The most significant changes include the requirement for MORE grade 12 courses from the approved course list (6 “recommended” for UBC and 5 for SFU) and pre-calculus 11 or Foundations of Math 12 for arts programs. 

Students interested in attending UBC or SFU for post-secondary are encouraged to check out the following links for changes to their admission requirements for the fall of 2019:

https://www.sfu.ca/students/adm-req-2019-2020.html (SFU)

http://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/2019-admission/ (UBC)

This may mean students will need to change some of their course selection for next year.  Please encourage students to take a look at the sites carefully and then come see us in counselling or email their counsellor if they have any questions or concerns or need to make any changes.

YELL! Opportunity for Grade 10/11 Students:

Any grade 10 or 11 students interested in business and entrepreneurship should contact Mrs. Allen in room 239 or by email mallen@sd35.bc.ca to talk about an opportunity to see the Young Entrepreneurship Leadership Launchpad finals, and talk about the possibility of participating in a district-wide after school course for 2018-2019!!  This is an amazing opportunity for students who like to “think outside the box!”


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Global Social Responsibility: Junior Leadership and PA-MOJA – James Nakutukai 

The Junior Leadership class is taking part in the PA-MOJA project. PA-MOJA means “together” in Swahili and it is a North American charitable organization that helps Kenyan children go to school. In Kenya, if students graduate, they become respected members of their communities. If not, the girls are wed off at a young age and boys are left to a life of caring for their land.  The yearly cost for secondary school is roughly $1000. Some of our Juniors attended Table 35 before Spring Break and they learned about the bleak future students would have if they do not complete their grade 12 year. After the presentation, several approached Ms. Yun and asked if the class could sponsor a student that was in desperate need of support. This is how we found James (see picture), a Grade 12 student from the Samburu tribe. The Junior Leadership class held a 2 day bake sale before Spring Break and raised nearly $400. They will be hosting another fundraiser on April 25 and hope to meet the financial obligations to James by the end of this school year. There are 3 other schools in the Langley District that are sponsoring students in Kenya: WGSS, REMSS and LFAS.

Junior Leadership is raising awareness about Cancer – April is Daffodil Month

As many of you know, Cancer is a hideous disease that has affected all of us in one form or another. The Junior Leadership class is focusing on raising money and awareness in the month of April for the Canadian Cancer Society. The students have hosted a Daffodil Pin Drive on April 10th and will be selling daffodils bouquets and candy bags on April 18th to fundraise for liver cancer research. One of our fellow colleagues, Mr. Dino Camparmo, was recently diagnosed with liver cancer and the students and staff wanted to show their support by ensuring that all efforts for this month goes towards this research. If you are in the school, and would like to donate, please donate at the office as we have a CCS collection box on the front counter. Please join us in this fight. Our thoughts are with you Mr. Camparmo!

Leadership students attend Mike Smith conference at the Langley Events Centre

This past Monday, the Junior Leadership class listened to youth motivational speaker Mike Smith and Dr. Philip Campbell talk about building school culture. Simply put, if people are SCENE, HEARD and LOVED, then we have a positive culture. But how can we do that? Make EVERYONE MATTER.  Recognize your student body, make them feel a part of the school and give them a sense of belonging. The conference was well attended by 400+ students from several districts. Mike and Philip also talked to the students about being successful in life and in order for this to happen, you must take risks, follow YOUR passion (think outside the box if necessary) and fail forward. As you can see in the photo, we were the last ones to leave as several of our students stayed to have conversations with Mike!


Brookkswood-Fernridge Community Association General Meeting
Thursday April 19th, 2018 from 7pm to 9pm in the community room, South Langley Church, 20098 22nd Ave.

The guest speaker will be Al Neufeld, Deputy Director, Public Spaces – Parks Design and Development, Arts, Culture and Community Initiatives for the Township of Langley.  Mr. Neufeld’s presentation will focus on one aspect of the new Community Plan; Open Spaces and Community Amenities and Facilities.  Following the presentation and the question and Answer period, there will be an opportunity to participate and to brainstorm on what residents see as the priorities related to trails, greenways, recreational facilities, and parks.  Youth are invited to to join and give their opinions and thoughts towards this important element of the community!


April 18          Trade Skills Competition Field Trip (Careers)
April 19-22     Con Brio Music Festival Trip (Music)
April 24          Junior Achievement Grade 8s (Careers)
April 27          Campbell Valley Fun Run (Grade 10s)
May 2/3          Grade 12 Grad Transition Interviews
May 4             Pro-D Day
May 4             Annual Youth Conference hosted at BSS
May 23-25     Showcase!