December 10, 2017 — News from the Bobcat’s Den

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This week already had us having a lot of fun at Brookswood, with the Buckets Competition starting on December 4th.  Teachers and students alike competed back and forth to win the title of champion!  In other basketball related news, it was opening week for our basketball teams–more information about activities, games and more coming soon!  Follow @brookswoodhoops on Twitter to get updates!

Unfortunately this week we had to implement a Flex Time reset with our students due to the number of students not utilizing their flex time appropriately, and either spending too much time in the hallways, being late for flex or not attending at all.  Students and parents are reminded that the onus of responsible flex time use is on the student, to not only plan ahead on where they need to spend their Flex time but also to plan for a back-up if their first destination is full.

We also are looking forward to this coming week and “Festive Flex” which is a new idea of specialty flex activities. This new feature is themed on the holidays and sponsored by Ms. Neufeld and our student council. A number of teachers are involved and we will have room for 30 students in each session (students should sign up for 1 only to make room for everyone to try something new!).  We are also working on a few important needs for our community this week–read on for more information.


We had some fun activities in our classes this week, starting with a problem-based learning activity featuring game creation with Mme. Spori!  We’ve also been making some changes around the building!  Some are complete (new International Student Program office & our youth care worker office) and some are still in the works (Learning Commons) and Career Education.  Our foods program was excited to start building some Christmas treat baskets this week, and ceramics students were working on some beautiful ornaments.  Student Council has also been working on the upcoming Spirit Weeks and Festive Flex!  We are also hosting a number of basketball games and tournaments this month, so PE students had the chance to watch their Senior Boys Basketball team take on Riverside!

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Senior Leadership: Warm Clothing Drive

Senior Leadership is hoping to help local families and homeless people who do not have enough warm layers this winter season. Please help us help them by donating hats, mitts, gloves, blankets, sleeping bags, coats, sweaters, and new socks. Cash donations are also accepted. All donations are going to Encompass Community Services to be distributed to people in need.



Bake Sales: There will be a number of yummy bake sales in the next week to support two Brookswood families this Christmas season.  Please bring spare change to donate as well as to purchase some tasty baked goods!  There will be fudge, Krispy Kreme donuts, and muffins/hot chocolate every day next week!  Yum!

Spirit Week!

The competition is on!  During block A classes, students will take part in a door decorating contest, clothing drive and other spirit related events are as follows:

  • Every day: Leadership Warm and Fuzzy Clothing Drive
  • Until December 15th: Door Decorating Contest
  • Red and Green Day Tuesday December 12
  • Slippers and Socks Day Thursday December 14
  • Cheesy Family Photo Day Monday December 18
  • Milk, Cookies and PJ Days Wednesday December 20
  • Winner announced  – Ugly Sweater Day Friday December 22


Students are encouraged to team up with teachers and try out some new things during Festive Flex, which begins this coming week!  Check out the posters around the school to learn more about what’s happening.  2nd choices are now open!  Sign up is via this link:


Rebecca, from Junior Leadership:

“The Junior Leadership class REALLY stepped up in this project and pulled it altogether as a class. They developed many practical life skills in organizing this event and learned quickly of their individual talents. They were able to call upon each other to take on roles to run this community event, from posting ads on community FB pages, to public speaking and communicating our WHY to both the school and public (they handed out invitations at Buy-Lo and IGA), to troubleshooting technology issues we had onsite to making the festive decorations for the venue, to sourcing out sponsorship, planning the day and script, they realized the scope of this event and worked very hard at organizing their “FIRST EVER”  SANTA’S WORKOUT for WATER. All the students, including the Seniors that jumped in to provide extra support, should be commended for working so well collaboratively and taking time out on an early weekend morning to increase awareness for this cause! The class also brought in approximately 120 cans of food for Sources Food Bank and collected many boxes of old batteries! The class is  looking forward to planning this again next year!”

From Ms. Yun:

“On Saturday, leadership students ran our first annual Santa’s Workout for Water at Belmont Elementary School. Before I get into the event itself, let me tell you why we did this. In developing countries people don’t have access to clean water which means they regularly get sick, and often the water is far away from their villages so they send the girls out to walk for hours to find this water. Since these girls have to walk that long they usually miss out on an education and that isn’t fair. Another problem in developing countries is their zinc deficiencies. At our event we asked everyone to bring old batteries as the zinc in 1 battery can save the lives of 6 people. We also asked everyone bring a can of food so we can support our local food bank. Since WE Day, Junior Leadership planned for this event to try and make a difference in the lives of these people.

On the day of the event we had a good turnout for a “first-time” event. A lot of people from our community showed up to help support us in our initiative. We wanted to make sure that little kids that came with their parents felt welcome too so we hosted a Face-Painting Station! Here are some comments from the participants:

Sofia who is a Grade 11 from WGSS said this, “I really liked it, it was a great opportunity. I found out about it through our Me to We program at WGSS. I really liked the presentation at the beginning as it showed awareness for a great cause”  When I asked Leadership students how they felt, they said this: “It was an incredible feeling to be a part of making a change in the world (Victoria, senior leadership).  When I asked Delaney (senior leadership) why she came out she said this:  “It is a good cause, there’s a lot of people who are suffering because they don’t have access to clean water and it’s super simple for us to get it for them just by fundraising and it was coolio Julio.” “It was a great event and I will definitely come back again! I do the Run for Water race and run with a local club … I’ll bring my friends next time!” says one community member.

From a junior leadership perspective, I thought it was super fun!  We didn’t get the amount of people we expected but we made lots of memories and really bonded as a class plus supported a good cause about raising money and awareness for water and education and our local food bank!! I would do it again in a heartbeat and many of us talked about how we could change it for next year. So save the date for this great event that supports many in developing countries and our local food bank!

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Dec. 11-21   Festive Flex
Dec. 11-22   Block A Spirit Competition & Warm Clothing Drive
Dec. 12/14   Bake Sale at Lunch to support Brookswood Families
Dec. 13        Krispy Kreme Sale at Lunch
Dec 13         Jr. & Sr. Boys’ Basketball host Chilliwack
Dec 14-16   Gr. 8 Boys’ Basketball – Host the Ivan Adrian Invitational Tournament
Dec 15         STRIVE Annual Christmas Party
Dec. 22        Last Day prior to Winter Break
Jan. 8           First day of classes for 2018
Jan. 18         Careers in Health Care Tour