November 26, 2017–News from the Bobcat’s Den

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This past week has been an eventful and challenging week for all of us in the Brookswood Bobcat community. It shows that practicing Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills and yes, Lockdown drills are critically important and make a difference when we least expect. Our intent is to maintain a friendly and welcoming community at Brookswood, but we also take the safety of students and staff seriously and work closely with our friends in the RCMP ensure every event is reviewed, our actions are reflected upon and feedback is welcomed. Thank you to our School Liaison Officer, Constable Lisa Cormier, for her professionalism and dedication to our community and to all of her colleagues in the RCMP for responding quickly and appropriately when they were called! We are fortunate to have their support. Finally, thank you to our parents, guardians and homestay parents who were patient, despite their worries, and supportive throughout and thankful afterwards. We appreciate the many kind words shared and the gift of a cake to staff on Thursday!

Below is a copy of the information letter I sent out on Wednesday evening. BSS Letter to Parents.  – John Pusic, Principal



This year has been a challenging year in staffing our all of our classes and I would like to thank parents of students who are enrolled in classes where staffing has not yet been finalized. This past week, I am pleased to welcome the following new staff members to Bobcat Country:

  • Ms. Anna Chambers – French Immersion and French as a Second Language (Previously taught by Mr. Legentil / Ms. Petrie)
  • Ms. Kristen Small – Jr. Science and Sustainable Resources
  • Ms. Karli Frizzell – STRIVE Program



This week we had some classes using the new green screen in our developing MakerSpace, grade 8 science students learned about civil engineering, we had our fall music concert, Interior Design students worked on Google Sketchup to create custom living rooms, some of our student teachers wrapped up with their time at BSS and staff got some nice new sweaters!

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Intramural World Cup Soccer wrapped up this week. There were MANY exciting games and some phenomenal soccer moves. In the Junior division Republic of the Congo managed to fend off Djibouti in a very exciting final. In the Sr Division Tasmania was just a little too much for our International students sporting the name “Wales”. The sportsmanship demonstrated by the finalists was not only commendable but also impressive. All winners were SO excited to win the coveted “Brookswood Intramural Championship T-shirt”, new this year. MANY thanks to Mr Pusic for his support! Next activity BUCKETS! There are 22 staff members joining the Students in this competition- AWESOME!

Congratulations to our two Athletes of the Month, Kyle & Marta!


Grade 12 Evening Powerpoint:

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This year, we are lucky to be working with a number of student teacher candidates from both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. This is a great opportunity and experience, not only for the teacher candidates, but also for our staff members who are supporting them and our students, who are learning from and with them.

We want to thank Mr. Sanghara and Ms. Whitehead, who have just finished their long practicum experience. Mr. Sanghara was working with Mr. Goldsack, while Ms. Whitehead was working with Ms. Noakes and Ms. Walton. We wish them all the best and hope to see them back at Brookswood in the near future.

We are also lucky to have the following teacher candidates currently in the building for their short practicums and all will be returning in late January to start their long practicums that will last until just after spring break.

From SFU:

Ms. Samra teaching English with Ms. McGowan
Ms. Hubscher teaching Physical Education & English with Mr. Allen & Ms. McGowan
Ms. Harradine teaching Physical Education with Ms. Hind & Science with Mrs. Dennis
Ms. Lapierre teaching Social Studies with Mr. Boulter

From UBC:

Ms. Pedersen teaching English with Ms. McCullough & Ms. Bergman Wood
Mr. Sawatzky teaching Physical Education with Mr. Stewart



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The Junior Leadership class visited Nicomekl elementary on Nov 17 and worked with all the Grade 3-5s through a Little Leaders Bootcamp! The Leadership class was split into 2 groups, a larger group that organized events for the Grade 3 &4s, and a smaller group that organized a “leadership lesson” for the Grade 5s. The purpose of the day was to help build school community in a FUN way by having our Junior Leadership class plan team-building activities, smaller interest-focussed sessions, and also embed throughout the day, subtle lessons around the Core Values of the District, Kindness and Healthy Relationships. Our students were VERY EXCITED about this day of mentorship with the 150+ students, but became a little nervous, and realized the expectations of the day when they found out Nicomekl Elemenatary adopted a new school acronym: LEADERS.  Loving Kindness, Encouraging, Determined, Empathetic, Respectful and Safe and received an email from their principal that stated “he was excited to see the team set an example for what our kids can do as well.” Needless to say, our student DEFINITELY rose to the challenge and received feedback from many teachers at the end of the day the amazing positive impact they made on their kids!

Santa’s Workout for Water – December 9

After learning from WE Day that nearly 1 billion people are without access to clean water, the basic necessity of life, and that the simple process of recycling batteries can save lives (zinc deficiency is a global health challenge, with 200 000 children, under the age of 5 dying each year due to zinc deficiencies), the Junior Leadership students have organized a unique, holiday oriented awareness event, Santa’s Workout for Water!  The participants will begin with a warm-up and brief information session about our global cause before launching into the circuit workout. The participants will run through a 12 station “bootcamp” workout at BELMONT ELEMETARY GYM, each station decorated in a theme of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and then proceed outside to complete 2 laps around the field and finish with moving to the covered courtyard area where the Langley School District Foundation will be helping us with post-race snacks; coffee/muffins/fruit! Each participant pays a min $5 donation + can of food (for Sources Food Bank) + a few batteries. To align with the holiday theme, we will be giving tiny bells to all the participants to attach to their shoes so that they can “jingle” their way through the workout! Registration forms are available at the front office or by contacting Ms. Yun at Thanking you ahead for your support for this worthy event about global social responsibility! This is open to ALL students, parents and community, please contact Lenny Yun for further information!  

Santa workout for water poster

Red Cross Anti-Bullying Presentations at Noel Booth – November 24

The last 3 pics are from this event! Fourteen Brookswood Leadership students have been trained and certified by the Red Cross as Youth Facilitators that can deliver workshops/presentations around Bullying, Intimidation, Conflict Resolution and Cyber-bullying. This past Friday, this team facilitated workshops for 5 classes at Noel Booth Elementary. The teachers requested specific topics for their group of students, and our Youth Facilitators broke off into groups and designed workshops that aligned with those target needs over the last 2 weeks. The feedback from the teachers have been amazing! They would like for us to come back again and deliver other topics to their students. Many felt that they made an impact on their children’s thoughts around these difficult topics.

Just as a reminder, there are a number of student groups fundraising this time of year, and all for a good cause! You can read more about them in last week’s Bobcat’s Den.

Girls Basketball & Save-on-Foods Gift Cards:

Basketball & Purdy’s Christmas Chocolate

BSS Drama Department/LA Trip Poinsettia’s

S.T.R.I.V.E. Lavender Sachets


November 27-December 1: Grad Photos
November 27: Early Dismissal (Report Card Prep)
December 1: Grad Baby Photos DUE
December 1: Grad Transitions DUE (MyBlueprint)
December 4: BUCKETS Intramurals begin
December 22: Last day prior to Winter Break