October 22, 2017–News from the Bobcat’s Den

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The week might have been short, but the days have been PACKED FULL of exciting events for both staff and students here at Brookswood!  Our Terry Fox Assembly was a resounding success as we filled the gym to raise a few more dollars on top of the campaign that has been running for the last two weeks, some of our Grade 12s met with the University of British Columbia, the weather kicked it up a notch outside resulting in some power losses, and our first round of intramural lunchtime sports came to a resounding close.  Read on for more information and even a fun video from our assembly…


Staff and students alike enjoyed this fantastic assembly organized by PE Leadership and Students’ Council.  Students watched a short video about Terry Fox, and his connection to the Métis, then students led a fundraising blitz to get teachers in gear for a crazy relay!  The relay involved a number of teachers, (thanks for being such good sports) and was exciting and fun to watch.  Although we were not able to actually have a Terry Fox Run this fall, there is one planned tentatively for the spring when we kick off Cancer Awareness Month.   

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Students enjoyed a number of interesting activities this week at Brookswood, from rollercoasters in Science 10 with Mr. Ocampo (exploring potential and kinetic energy, and using formulas to calculate velocity!), a french play in Vancouver with Mrs. Harding, and a sorting activity with Mr. Jennens.  Students were out making a difference at Clayton Park and making some movie magic for the ZOOM competition!  Also pictured is our staff at Kwantlen First Nations during our curriculum implementation day earlier this month.

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On Thursday Oct 19, grade 11 and 12 French Immersion students attended a performance on the Vancouver stage of Théâtre la Seizième, BC’s only francophone theatre company.  Here are excerpts from a review of the play in Georgia Straight magazine.

In the play, entitled “Unité Modèle,”  actors Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin and Emilie Leclerc are real estate salespeople, selling the lifestyle of a new condo development ( the set is a cleverly “staged” model unit of the condo development). The play is Québécois but the concept is familiar to Vancouverites trying to buy into the real-estate market.

There’s more going on in Unité Modèle than initially meets the eye. “Je suis un citoyen de l’image,” playwright Guillaume Corbeil has said, professing that he’s essentially a creature of the media environment. Not surprisingly, his play is all about what we do to convince others that we are the best possible versions of ourselves—in love, in business, and at play.

According to director Philippe Cyr, “W are always trying to reach our best self and present it to the world. We’re trying to get the best apartment; we’re trying to get the best couch, the best kitchen with the best materials. We’re trying to get the best boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband—and we want to have the best dog, too.”

The French have a phrase for this kind of projection: c’est une façade. But façades are rarely built to last, and the front that the two performers project during the first part of Unité Modèle eventually comes crashing down. 

By at the end of the show you are not sure what you have seen—which part was real and which part was fake. Those two salesmen are so good at their job, so when they talk about their real lives, is it in the script? Is it a sales pitch, or is it their real lives? It’s always mixed up, so at the end of the show you have many options. The audience will have to find their own answers, and start a dialogue with themselves to know what is the truth.

Unité Modèle is, at times, comedic. But under the jokes, there’s a serious, philosophical layer.



An email was sent out to Grade 12s and their parents regarding a Dry Grad fundraising, please contact Dana Reed (bssdrygrad2018@gmail.com ) for more information.  The next Dry Grad meeting is October 26th at 7 pm in the Library.

Grads are reminded to listen for announcements or go and see Ms. Coulas or Ms. Faber in counselling to learn more about uncoming post secondary information sessions or scholarship information.  We also update the scholarship page on our website with information about scholarships as we get them: https://bss.sd35.bc.ca/student-life/scholarship-information/.

Graduation Transitions is a requirement for ALL students planning on graduating.  For more information about this requirement, please visit: https://bss.sd35.bc.ca/student-life/grad-transitions/  or email Mrs. Allen (mallen@sd35.bc.ca).



Did you know that students DON’T need to join an official team to play sports at Brookswood?  Our wonderful PE department runs intramurals all year long during lunch hours, and all you need to do to participate is show up (and have fun).

Typically, the schedule for Intramurals is as follows:

Fall – Volleyball, World Cup Soccer, 3 on 3 Basketball
Winter – Buckets, Dodgeball
Spring – Buckets, Badminton/Pickleball, Handball

Staff/Student competitions occur throughout the year!  Come out and enjoy some casual sport, and cheer on your friends!

We just finished our first round of volleyball intramurals, with the Staff Infection team coming out as the champions!  Next up: WORLD CUP SOCCER!



With a stormy fall well underway, Brookswood is susceptible to power outages.  When the power does go out at Brookswood the school and the district work together with BC Hydro to determine whether learning can continue at Brookswood.  With the safety of all of those in our building our top priority, we will ensure every effort is made to communicate with parents and students about the progress of the outage.  When the power does go out please check the District website (www.sd35.bc.ca), District Twitter (@LangleySchools) and the School Twitter account (@sd35brookswood) for updates around the school situation during an outage.


It was 10:19 on 10/19/2017. There were loud earthquake sounds coming from the PA system all over the school.  Students, Teachers, Staff and Visitors Dropped! Covered! and Held On! 

We had a draw for lots of great prizes. Prizes were donated by a parent this year (purchased from the ShakeOut web site and Canadian Tire). The prizes were T-shirts, Bumper Stickers, Magnets, Whistles and Flashlights. There were 13 winners. Congratulations to all the winners and a huge thank you to all who participated.

The response and answers to our question, “Do you have a family plan?” were very positive. 

October 2017 Results: Of the 248 students & staff who entered… Yes was 62% and No was 38%. Excellent numbers! We have gone up on having plans and down on the not having plans. The number of student participation has increased.

October 2016 Results: Of the 183 students who entered… Yes was 49% and No was 51%. 

If you would like to print a “Household Emergency Plan” go to PreparedBC http://gov.bc.ca/PreparedBC

and check out  ShakeOut  http://shakeoutbc.ca to order t-shirts and fun ShakeOut items.






Oct. 23:                        Collaboration Day – Early dismissal for students
Oct. 23:                        District Choir Festival @ REMSS
Oct. 25:                        Interim Reports Released
Oct. 25:                        Parent Teacher Interview booking site opens 12:00pm
Oct. 31:                         Halloween! Come dressed up! 🙂
Nov. 1:                          Health & Safety Lockdown drill
Nov. 1-2                       Parent-Teacher interviews
Nov. 10                        Fall Break – Students do not attend.
Nov. 13                        Remembrance Day
Nov.27 – Dec 1:         Grad Photos