September 17, 2017 – News from the Bobcat’s Den

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We’ve official survived the first full week!  We were very busy at Brookswood this week, continuing to work with students on their timetables, balance classes and hire more teachers to fill vacant positions.  We also welcomed Michael Bortolotto as a special guest on Friday to talk to students about perseverance and that nothing is impossible!  We also had PICTURE DAY this past Friday–retakes will be available in the coming weeks if your smile wasn’t the brightest or if you were absent.  Please continue to check the BSS website and Twitter for important news surrounding upcoming events or important announcements.  


Fall has arrived, and with that is the opportunity for students to get involved 

with the variety of sports teams kicking off our year at Brookswood.  During the fall months, we run everything from volleyball to swimming.   Tryouts and practices are scheduled by individual coaches, and are usually announced during the day.  Parents and students can contact the following coaches for more information, or our athletic directors (Mr. Pawar, Ms. Hind and Mr. Stewart):


Gr. 8 girls- Mrs. Noakes & Maya Orazietti (Sr. helper)
Jr. girls- Mrs. Hind
Sr. girls- Dave Armstrong, Christopher Balharry & Jennifer Jasper

Boys Soccer

Gr. 8/9- Mr. Hunter
Sr.- Justin Rettig

Swimming– Ms. Glover & Ms. Walton

Cross Country
– Mr. Allingham


We are very excited to have our first annual Car Show coming to BSS this September!

Our school will be having our first car show this September 24th. Come check out the sweet rides and vote for your fav! Have a burger or hotdog at the concession, snag yourself a Brookswood Car Show T-shirt and get in on the 50/50 and raffle draws! All proceeds to benefit the school. Pancake breakfast by donation for the participants with proceeds to the school’s Breakfast Club. Let’s make this a success! See you there!

Find us on Facebook:

Preregistration by credit card available at:


Making decisions about post secondary can be daunting, so the more information students have, the better!  CUEBC and Brookswood have two major events upcoming to help students make good decisions about what comes after graduation:

September 28th, 12-3 at the Langley Events Center: C.U.E

Universities from all over Canada will be coming to the Langley Events Center to give Grade 12 students an opportunity to learn more about their school. This event is recommended for students hoping to attend university within Canada but outside of British Columbia. BSS will be organizing a bus to the event at no cost to the students. Any students interested MUST bring their permission form into the Counselling office by Monday September 18th.   Click HERE to see a list of visiting schools: CUE 2017 Participating Institution List

October 2nd, 12-3 at Brookswood Secondary: Post-Secondary Institution Day

Universities and Colleges from all over BC will be coming to Brookswood. Grade 12 students will get the opportunity to choose from 17 different schools. We will be running 2 separate information sessions as well as a mini fair where students can see any additional University representatives. This is an amazing opportunity for all Grade 12 students to get information about the post-secondary institutions of their choice.


Some highlights from this week include Ms. Dowedoff’s AW 10 class continuing to work on their “Pasta Rides, who have been constructing classical amusement rides out of different types of pasta!  One highlight is this working MUSICAL pasta-version of the Teacup Ride!


Did you know that all parents, from Grade 8-12 are invited to join the Parent Advisory Committee?  Parents meet up once a month to work together at making Brookswood an even better place for students and staff alike!  Click HERE for more information.


We are continuing to work on the traffic flow for drop off and pick up.  A few key ingredients will make things move quickly and effectively, not to mention safely, for all:

  1. Staff vehicles are the ONLY VEHICLES permitted to drive to the front of the school.  Even if you arrive before the flow of traffic is busier, we ask that you do not go through the gates to the front of the school but use the designated drop off lanes in the student parking lot.  If you require to come into the office, we ask you park in the student parking area and come in via the front door.
  2. Students are asked to cross to the field side of our driveway, and then cross in front of the front doors to get to the school INSTEAD of walking on the student parking lot side.  This will reduce their wait times as we direct traffic in and out of the student parking lot.
  3. Please, at all times, abide by the rules of the road.  This means keeping all crosswalks clean, and checking for pedestrians before turning left into the school and right out of it.  With the increase of students using the crosswalk over 37A, we need drives to be diligent in watching out for them so we do not have any incidents.

As always, thank you for your cooperation as we figure out the best way to make drop off and pick up as efficient as possible.  Remember, walking to school if possible is always preferred as fresh air and physical fitness are a healthy part of growing up! As Mr. Stewart likes to say, “be a witness to fitness!


Did you know the school district has a community bulletin board, loaded with tons of informations for parents and members of the community?  Click here to visit: COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD

Are you a Korean-speaking parent?  Click here for information on an upcoming workshop for Korean-speaking families and post-secondary preparation: Korean_Workshop -2017 Sept


The Kids Plus Voluntary Insurance Plan is a voluntary insurance plan for parents to access additional coverage for their children. There are significant benefits of this accident insurance coverage and every year it seems we have a student or two who lose teeth for example and have no coverage.  Please check out the information provided by Kids Plus for more information: 2017 2018 Kids Plus Proposal


Dry Grad 2018 Parent Meeting

 Time to get rolling! The first Dry Grad parent meeting is set for September 26th at 7pm in the Library.  A couple of items we need to get rolling on are a good contact list for as many parents as possible. Trying to secure a location ASAP. Many hands make light work and opportunities to contribute can come in many ways so please try to come out and meet some of the other parents and chat about the upcoming year. If you cant make it, please email me at so I can add your email to the contact list so you are informed about activities leading up to the big day.



The next two weeks in Bobcat Country are listed below:

Sep 19:           PAC Meeting 7pm (Rm 126) – everyone welcome
Sep 21:           Dry Grad Parent’s Meeting – everyone welcome
Sep 22:           School Improvement 1/2 Day (Students attend morning only)
Sep 24:           1st Annual Brookswood Car Show
Sep 28:           Meet the Teacher BBQ
Sep 29:           Orange Shirt Day!– (What is Orange Shirt Day? Click here!)